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42 site listings

Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship
Provides Chick tracts and other Gospel materials to evangelical missionaries worldwide. [more]

American Scripture Gift Mission
Scripture booklets and tracts in over 400 languages for use in evangelism and discipleship, with history, publications, languages, worldwide literature projects, guestbook, and branch offices of SGM International including email links. [more]

American Tract Society - Gospel Literature Since 1825!
ATS publishes attention arresting evangelistic literature and interactive Christian cd-roms, as well as growth, discipleship and witnessing resources for the local church. [more]
Resources for sharing your faith: free Bible tracts & ready-to-use Bible studies. [more]

Chick Publications
A tract book store [more]

Christian Gospel Tracts
Multilingual translation of Christian gospel tracts; custom gospel tracts available for evangelism. [more]

Christian Salvage Mission
Bible and evangelical books collection for overseas use. [more]

Discipleship Training Materials from Winkie Pratney
A large collection of tracts and devotions, great for personal growth or evangelism, written by Winkie Pratney. [more]

Free Christian growth tracts. [more]

Evangel Foundation
A Foundation dedicated to the propagation of the Gospel through pamphlets and other means. [more]

Evangelist Jason Black
The Young Man with an Old Message!! [more]

Every Home for Christ
A servant ministry bringing the gospel to every home on earth. [more]

Faith-to-Faith Ministries
This site contrasts Biblical doctrine with popular doctrine. Many positions offered as doctrine today are presented very differently in the Bible. Biblical positions are ignored that should be learned as doctrine. [more]

Firm Foundation - The Gospel of Jesus Christ, A
An extended tract explaining the gospel of Jesus Christ. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11). [more]

From Jesus With Love Ministry
Is a ministry for the unification, edification, and building up of the Body of Christ. [more]

Gospel Tracts and e-tracts
We provide Gospel tracts in hard copy form with online purchasing or ability to send your tract via e-mail. We also provide commercial printing solutions along with graphic and web design. [more]

Hands for Christ
World distribution center for networking the Kingdom of God. [more]

His Way Ministry
Tracts that further the Kingdom of God. Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and to encourage the body of Christ through the Word of God. [more]

Leaflets of Faith
Leaflets of Faith authors a series of free leaflets on various aspects of the Roman Catholic faith in modern times with a prayer site for prayer requests. [more]

Lifegate, Inc.
Publishers and distributors of "God's Simple Plan of Salvation." [more]

Literature Ministries International
Specialty publisher presenting evangelistic and discipleship booklets and tracts in full color, on timeless and contemporary subjects. [more]

Oasis Bible Helps
Christian site offering free Bible helps leaflets and master copy packs to enable ordinary people to find God for themselves. Leaflets cover drug addiction, evangelism, help from the Bible in a crisis, a children's Bible Helps and making your peace with God. Circulation includes prisons, hospitals, hospices, university Christian Unions, churches of all denominations, UK Christian Ministries and overseas. [more]

Open Church Foundation, The
The Open Church Foundation produces high quality pamphlets/tracts designed to help people know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and aid Christians in facing daily problems. [more]

Orthodox Christian Tracts
Free Downloadable Orthodox Christian Tracts on various topics including Angels, Santa Claus, and the Creed. [more]
Spreading the gospel of Jesus through surveys! [more]

Seed Sowers Online
Seed Sowers is a small group of Christians who have a common interest; that being the free distribution of God's Word. We work in fellowship with assemblies of Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and have no denominational ties. [more]

Seeds Christian Tracts - Free Downloads
Over 80 free Christian downloadable tracts, plus illustrated Bible teachings. E-tracts (tracts that can be attached to e-mails). We will insert your chuch/ministry's name on a tract. Free tracts in over 27 languages! [more]
Inductive Bible study for discipleship and evangelism. [more]

SGM International
A charity producing Bible resources in most European languages. Great for friendship evangelism. [more]

SheepTrax Ministries
Evangelistic and prophetic homepage providing daily devotionals and SheepTrax Witnessing Tracts. [more]

Shield Bible Tracts
Inexpensive Conservative Bible Studies and Tracts [more]

Shine In The Dark Salvation Bracelets
Salvation Bracelets, bulk availabilty. Message/prayer cards included. Evangelism made easy to witness as way of life. [more]

Gospel tracts street evangelism ministry. We are a non-profit organization fulfilling Jesus Christ commission to save souls. We are outreach witnessing with gospel tracts. We train churches and have soulwinning manuals and materials. [more]

When Jesus Speaks Do You Listen?
Free Book. "Jesus Speaks" is a book of inspiration for the Committed Christian. "Jesus Speaks" is a red letter edition and a family keepsake, a must have book for the Committed Christian. [more]

Witness Cards
Witness Cards is a Christian Tract Ministry offering a different and unique witnessing tool to break the ice and start a conversation opening the door to share the gospel. [more]

Witness Center
Print Christian Bible Tracts on your own printer from this site, for evangelism. Cut into bookmarks, Postcards, Business Cards, or fold. Also find links to other sites. [more]
English and foreign language gospel tracts in differents colors with a great message to reach people, simple, easy to read, and understand. [more]

World Missionary Press
World Missionary Press is an inter-denominational faith ministry producing 48 page Scripture booklets in over 300 languages, Bible Study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. [more]

World's Greatest Free Gift for Life
God's Word to the saved and the lost. [more]

Eternal Grace Ministries
Online Tract and Prayer Ministry, Free Bibles! [more]

Onfire Christian
Become Addicted to Jesus--evangelism, free tracts, mp3's, and videos. [more]

Tract Lady Dot Com, The
This site offers Gospel tracts to get out the Word! It is dedicated to bringing the world to know Jesus! Come and see our tracts, Tract-Tees, bumper stickers, pins, and more... [more}



Chick Tracts - Gospel tracts presenting the message of Jesus Christ in cartoon format. Over 70 titles available. Read online in English and many languages.

American Scripture Gift Mission - Distributor of Scripture booklets and tracts in over 400 languages for evangelism and discipleship.

Back to the Bible - Basic Bible tract and teaching ministry with transcripts and biblical resources in different languages. (Real Audio)

Ray Comfort Tracts - Evangelism books, gospel tracts, tapes and videos. Listen to "Hell's Best Kept Secret" in ten languages (Real Player). - Offers free gifts, free sermon outlines, free tracts for evangelism of cults, plus free multilingual Christian tracts and commentaries on PDF files ready for printing, copying and distribution.

Seeds Tracts - An abundance of multilingual Christian tracts to read and download (Acrobat Reader).

The Four Spiritual Laws - Read online in many languages from Africaans to Zulu.

Fellowship Tract League - Free, single fold Baptist tracts in many languages.

Free Tracts - Download tracts as PDF files. Laser print and photocopy them, using Acrobat Reader. English, Spanish and Portuguese. - Catalog of Scripture tracts, books, the "Jesus Video", and Christian ESL materials.

Moments With the Book - Publishers of printed and online gospel tracts.

SWAT Tracts - The Soul Winning Attack Team, Inc is an African-American ministry with numerous tracts designed for people of color to receive Gods free gift of salvation.

The New Birth - Paul Levin tract on what it means to be born again.

No Frontiers (U.K.) - Provides Christian literature in 100 languages for distribution in areas which are desperate for the gospel.

Navigators - Read or order the classic tract "The Bridge to Life" online.

Sealed People - Monthly Christian articles.

Simple Plan of Salvation - Basic gospel tracts online in KJV and several languages.

To Life! - Bilingual Hebrew/English tract pointing Jews to their Messiah.

Sowers of Seed - Handy sized Holy Bible tracts in many languages.

American Tract Society - Gospel Literature Since 1825 - Publishes creative multilingual Christian tracts, attention arresting evangelistic literature as well as discipleship and witnessing resources for the local church.

Grace and Truth - Free tracts for adults and children. Some foreign languages stocked.

Bilingual Gospel Tracts - Tracts in many languages from "Here's Life Australia" (a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ).

Path to Peace - The Gospel presented to Native Americans in a culturally sensitive manner

SheepTrax Ministries - Daily email and radio program written and produced by Bryan Hupperts. Also publishes GenX tracts.

Halloween Outreach - Encourages Christians to pray and give out tracts on Halloween.

Soul Harvest Outreach - Numerous Tracts and articles by Gordon Necemer with a Photo Gallery of a Tract Printing Press and images revealing the Heart of an Evangelist. - Offers tracts proclaiming the Biblical message of grace and defends against heresy and aberrant theology.

Born Again Christian Gospel Tracts - Christian Tracts in English and many foreign languages, online free. - Tenders Christian tracts, sui generis sticky yellow notes with verses from the Bible on them for Christian witnessing. Get a free sample.

Truth Publications - Christian book distributor offering Christian books, Bibles, software, gospel tracts, Bible concordances, Bible dictionaries, free articles, a newsletter, and more.

Shirt Evangelism - Shirts designed to start a conversation.

Christian Witnessing Tools - Jesus Cards - Displays outreach tools that are a loving and pointed message about Jesus Christ and his desire to know and love us. Jesus Cards and Love Letters.

Sowers of Seed Inc - Prints and distributes small Bible booklets and Christian tracts. Booklets, tracts, bookmarks, study guides and note pads. - Contemporary Christian tracts. Spreading the gospel of Jesus through surveys. Interview questions for the young evangelist.

Christian Teddy Bear - Teddy Bear complete with Christian salvation tract. "Jesus Bears It All" is embroidered on each teddy bear collar. Site includes other innovative witnessing tools.

God's Cards - View full color Christian tracts with the sinners prayer and parchment witness cards.

Deo Gloria Trust - Desires to provide resources for any organisation or church in the UK which shares their aim of glorifying Christ. Christian tracts and booklets.

Get To Give Ministries - Presents free Christian tracts and literature with over 500 subjects available.

Christian Equippers International - Explosive Christian tracts, videos, books, pamphlets, and seminar material on evangelism. Includes Christian tracts on witnessing to cults and world religions.

WebTracts - Print colorful contemporary Christian tracts online using Adobe pdf files, MS Powerpoint, or Flash.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry: Online Resources - Preparing for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Christian tracts, free papers, and articles to document problems with the claims of Mormonism and compares LDS doctrines with Christianity.

Institute for Religious Research: MIT: Multi-language Print Resources - A plethora of multilinqual Christian tracts highlight differences between Mormonism and Christianity.

The Sanctified - Offers discipleship tracts to help maintain a stronger relationship with Christ.

@tracts - Supplies full color tracts and gospel literature for use in personal and church evangelism.

No Other Gods - Billboard Ministry - Displays a Gospel Tract Road Side Eternity Billboard answering questions on where a person will spend eternity.

Jesus Christ Loves You - Offers evangelistic tools, library and bookstore. Tracts available in English, Spanish, Creole (Haiti), and more. - Publishes Christian multilinqual tracts including witnessing tips with emphasis on evangelism within the Spanish culture.

Discovery Series Bible Studies - Offers a series of Bible Study Booklets including personal growth discipleship and training for evangelism.

The InterActive Word - Embellishes a Multimedia Experience of Active Cyber Tracts in a multitude of lanquages which can be E-Mailed to others.

Christian Gospel Tracts - Encouraging tracts for tent meetings and street evangelism.

Gospel Tracts Ministry - Offers multilingual tracts, door hangers, cards, notepads and more for the Christian church.

Indestractables - Free printable tracts. Instructions on downloading and online versions of the tracts.

Message of Easter - Cyber tract magnifies the meaning of Easter, the cross, and more.

WCTD: World Christian Tract Directory - Extensive tract resource lists and commentaries for Christian evangelism.

Witness Cards - Offers Christian tracts and unique witness cards as effective witnessing tools.

Journeys of Jesus - Multi-media tract, using full Bible text, of the Lord's journeys and teachings.