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Saturday, 31 March 2007 14:55

Free Christian CD -"UNSHACKLED"
Free Tape -"Guilt, Grace & Gratitude"
Free Bible Software for Windows 95, 98, & NT
Free Copy of FreeBible Version 1.2.0 from Free Bible Software
Get a Free Sample CD-ROM from Christian Computer Art (Shipping & Handling
Teaching Tape Ministry

Free Cassette Tapes

Free Religious Compact Discs

  • Audio CD--Free "Roy Mills" Sampler CD of Inspirational Music (Church Leaders only)

  • Audio CD--Free "It Is Well With My Soul" Christian Music CD from One Place

  • Audio CD--Free "Gospel of Jesus Christ" PowerPoint Presentation on CD from COCN

  • Audio CD--Free "The Church Across the Street" CD Single from Timothy Mark

  • Free Religious Music Audio Tapes

  • Audio Tape--Free "Atlanta Gospel" Preview Cassette from Keynote Music Productions

    Free Religious Information Audio Tapes

  • Audio Tape--Free "Holy Bible" on Cassette and Braille from Bibles for the Blind

  • Audio Tape--Free "Sabbath Sermons" on Tape from Yahweh Restoration Ministry

  • Audio Tape--Free "Gospel on Tape" Cassette Tapes from the Tape Ministry

  • Audio Tape--Free "Tape of the Month" from Oral Roberts University

  • Audio Tape--Free "Hope for the Home" from Crossroads (Free to Canada only)

  • Audio Tape--Free "Mark of the Beast" Audio Tape from The Shepherd's Chapel

  • Audio Tape--Free "Where is the Heart?" Audio Tape from Truth Encounter

  • Audio Tape--Free "Victory over the Flesh: Transformation" from Walking in Power

  • Audio Tape--Free "Daring to Make a Difference" Audio Tape from Calvary Connection

  • Audio Tape--Free "Have No Fear" Audio Tape from the Antioch Bible Church

  • Audio Tape--Free "Source of a Mother's Love" Audio Tape from Truth Encounter

  • Audio Tape--Free "Time in the Word" Audio Tape from The House of the Lord

  • Audio Tape--Free "Will Larry King Go to Heaven?" Audio Tape from The Willing Heart

  • Audio Tape--Free "The Real Jesus" Audio Tape from The Willing Heart

  • Audio Tape--Free "Nourishing Word" Tape-of-the-Week from Nourishing Word

  • Audio Tape--Free "Spiritual Marriages" Audio Tape from Downtown Bible Class

  • Audio Tape--Free "Understanding the Book of Revelation" from According to Prophecy

  • Audio Tape--Free "Gifts for a Newborn King" Audio Tape from Grace Upon Grace

  • Audio Tape--Free "Greatest Person Who Ever Lived" (in Polish) from Audio Scriptures

  • Audio Tape--Free "Bible Reading Chart", Booklet and Audio Tape (no s&h on tape)

  • Audio Tape--Free "What the Bible says about Parents and Children" Audio Tape

  • Audio Tape--Free "7 Keys to Contented Living" Audio Tape from Grace To You

  • Audio Tape--Free "Peace" Audio Tape and Prayer Requests from Songs of Deliverance

  • Audio Tape--Free "Guilt, Grace and Gratitude" Audio Tape from The White Horse Inn

  • Audio Tape--Free "Canadian Perspective Revival" Booklets & Audio Tapes

  • Audio Tape--Free Cassette Tape of One of the Services at Hope Ministries

  • Audio Tape--Free "I Am a New Christian" Audio Tape and New Believer Packet

  • Audio Tape--Free Religious Audio Tape of Your Choice from Pastor Haywood McGowan

  • Audio Tape--Free "Healing: Five Foundational Stones" Sermon Tape from Brother Dave

  • Audio Tape--Free Religious Message Audio Tapes from Jesus Loves Me

  • Audio Tape--Free Religious Audio Tapes (up to 4) from The Tape Ministry

  • Audio Tape--Free Audio Tapes (choose 2) from Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly

  • Audio Tape--Free "Praiser - Secret Place" Audio Tape from Reformation Ministries